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Logo Development - It's more than just art!

Do you have a company but not yet sure what your logo should look like?


Eccentriq develops brand identities, including logos and brand names, for companies in a variety of markets. Let our experienced staff do the hard work for you. We will collaborate with you on your ideas and throw in a few of our own to come up with an image that will catch the eye of the consumer and drive the business to you.


During the development stages of your logo, many ideas will be thrown on the table and past you in order to achive the correct image to represent your business. A successful identity creates a lasting impression and tells the story which will represent your brand for years to come.




Simply look at your business as a label. Be the client and see what people will always recognize or know you for simply by looking at a work of art. It must be simple and unique. 


Initial to Final Concept


Once we established a logo, we will then decide to manipulate it by formatting it for all of your needs. Letterheads, 3D Art, and for all advertising needs. Eccentriq will take your current logo or one designed for you and enhance it during the development of items such as:

  • Animations
  • Marketing Products
  • Presentations
  • Billboards
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • ...and much more!


Need Images?

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